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Voodoo Doll: How to Make Voodoo Dolls Find Customers For You

The East Martello Musuem holds a dark secret. A secret with a name: Robert. Robert was first owned by a young girl of Bahamian descent. The girl, a mistreated house maid, gave Robert as a gift to the Otto family's son whom the doll is named after. Before handing the doll over she performed a [...]

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Relic: Why the Old Career System is Dead and How to Succeed in the New World

"Raises are a relic.Opportunity is the future."These are the words of my first business mentor that have been echoing in my mind for over a month now. That's because... I think he is right. While I was growing up, my Mother said it was very important for me to get a stable job with good [...]

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Trenches: 10 Quick Links to Help Entrepreneurs Survive

I have spent 3 years of my life in war zones across the world. For most of that, I was lucky to support the best of the best: US and NATO Special Forces -- they taught me two things: Survive at all costs. Know; and use tools as a strategic advantage. The second rule wasn't [...]

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Champagne Moments: How to Set Life Changing Goals

One of the most important ideas I believe in is the use of goals, tasks and milestones to propel massive, life changing events into motion. I've taught hundreds of people about this system. Given talks about it, wrote a chapter about it in my book. I thought it was the best and fastest way to [...]

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The Omen

THE PROPHECY "We have made her a goddess!" Coyotl shouted to the young ones. "But her father, Achicometl, is a weak man. Unworthy to lead the mighty Aztecs. This man, cannot even withstand the sight of his daughter's death in sacrificial ceremony! Be not worried! Our god Huitzilopochtli will find us a new land-----one filled [...]

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Entrepreneurism is a monster. It will eat you whole and spit you out into tiny pieces—that you then get to pick up and reconstruct into what (hopefully) turns out to be you again. I have become pretty good at this—really, I have. Bad business deals, angry customers (angrier employees), frustrating systems—the list is endless, but [...]

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