The Omen

THE PROPHECY "We have made her a goddess!" Coyotl shouted to the young ones. "But her father, Achicometl, is a weak man. Unworthy to lead the mighty Aztecs. This man, cannot even withstand the sight of his daughter's death in sacrificial ceremony! Be not worried! Our god Huitzilopochtli will find us a new land-----one filled [...]

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Zero Days

How many days have passed since you've made any progress on that big goal you made all those years ago? You've told yourself, "I'll get to it, just as soon as ______ is over with." The problem is, once that issue is finally taken care of, another one scoots in to take it's place. Interestingly, [...]

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Entrepreneurism is a monster. It will eat you whole and spit you out into tiny pieces—that you then get to pick up and reconstruct into what (hopefully) turns out to be you again. I have become pretty good at this—really, I have. Bad business deals, angry customers (angrier employees), frustrating systems—the list is endless, but [...]

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