The Omen


“We have made her a goddess!” Coyotl shouted to the young ones.

“But her father, Achicometl, is a weak man. Unworthy to lead the mighty Aztecs. This man, cannot even withstand the sight of his daughter’s death in sacrificial ceremony! Be not worried! Our god Huitzilopochtli will find us a new land—–one filled with sweets, riches, and,” Coyotl smiled, revealing jagged black teeth, “less weak men!”

The children whooped in delight. Coyotl was the tribe’s best story teller–but today’s story was not a story at all.  He told of Achicometl, the ruler of Culhuacan–the city they were forced to leave. Achicometl had discovered their sacrifice of his daughter and forced them out.

“Coyotl! Come!” Tenoch, the high priest of Huitzilopochtli, interrupted.

Coyotl entered into the priest’s tent.

“What is it Tenoch?”

Tenoch closed his eyes and pointed to the ceiling, “Huitzilopochtli has given us direction. Our people are chosen to build a great city. We must travel until we find The Omen. An eagle that devours the serpent.”



Tenoch’s Omen was discovered on a lake. There the whole of the tribe witnessed an eagle eating a snake on a small island in the middle of the water. It was to be called “Tenochtitlan” named after the high priest.

We now know this place as Mexico City, and the Mexican Flag bears the drawings of Tenoch’s prophecy:

Mexico’s Flag with the Omen: An eagle eating a serpent.

Since it’s foundation, Mexico City has been a mega-center of humanity. It is currently listed as the 8th largest city in the world, with it’s core built upon the ruins of Tenochtitlan.

It would seem the prophesy given to Tenoch came true. He isn’t a lone prophet–many prophesies and omens turned into a reality–does this make them real? If so, what happened to our prophets?



There is no doubt that Tenoch believed throughout every fiber of his being that he had a spiritual connection to Huitzilopochtli. This can easily be proven by the Aztec’s firm belief in daily human sacrifice to appease the god. However, his prophecy bears three things in common with any great person or work:

1. Development of the Subconscious
Tenoch was the wisest of men in his tribe. He was born into priesthood–studying the Aztec gods, the philosophies, and sciences until garnering enough insight to become the high priest of Huitzilopochtli. It is estimated that only 5% of human thoughts are at the conscious level, with the other 95% of human brain activity being done subconsciously. That means, most of our decisions are made for us. Like an AI in the back of our minds. The good news, is that by learning new ideas, and going through the trials and tribulations of life this AI gets better. The more trained our human AI gets, the better we can interpret our own “Omens.”

2. Dedication through Adversity
Tenochtitlan was established in 1325 and still stands in the form of Mexico City today. Between that time and now multiple wars, famine, and even changes in religion have occurred. No matter what plagued the people one thing remained; the city on the lake. In order to have the level of dedication it takes to build Tenochtitlan, the great pyramids of Giza, or any of our lasting relics one must bestow a powerful, and timeless vision upon the things you seek. Tenoch’s vision is displayed upon the face of almost every Mexican flag throughout the world. It is powerful, and denotes a carefully crafted idea we should seek to preserve.

3. Consistent Action
Those who believe in omens take them very seriously. The same action is performed every time the Omen is seen. We’ve all heard the saying, “Step on a crack, break yo’ momma’s back!” For many years I purposely went through life dodging cracks–attempting to preserve my mother’s spine. This was a dependable action, that although silly, I did consistently. Consistent action gets results in any walk of life. Tenochtitlan has constantly been built, and grown upon the foundation built by the Aztecs. Consistent action is the foundation of any projects success.



Well…. you could try praying to Huitzilopochtli. Seriously, that might just work for you–given that you are 110% sure Huitzilopochtli exists and that after receiving his response you will pursue the answer as if it’s a personal destiny. If you’d rather not, try something similar instead; listen to your subconscious. You know, that AI inside of you that you’ve been training your whole life to make 95% of all your decisions?

One way to tap in is to meditate. Great entrepreneurs such as Tony Robbins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Oprah Winfrey have used meditation in some point in their lives. Like Tenoch, go to a quiet place and just listen. Or, perhaps you’re already listening. In that case do what I do; carry a journal with you everywhere you go. In the morning, or just before bed, write down all your thoughts, worries, and successes for the day–I promise that the answer you seek will become more than obvious.


Remember; whenever that voice in the back of your mind tells you about something–try listening a little before you dismiss it. It is an Omen.

And some of the Omens are powerful enough to build an entire nation around.

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