Trenches: 10 Quick Links to Help Entrepreneurs Survive

I have spent 3 years of my life in war zones across the world. For most of that, I was lucky to support the best of the best: US and NATO Special Forces — they taught me two things:

  1. Survive at all costs.
  2. Know; and use tools as a strategic advantage.

The second rule wasn’t what I expected to learn. They believe in a vast support system: be it through terrain manipulation, equipment, or training. However, that support system has to be known in order to be used.

This principal applies to entrepreneurs as well. Here is a quick list of links to help you survive the wars of the business world:

1.) ANY.DO – is a to-do list on steroids and is my go-to for tools. Most of my life is full of appointments, projects, and due-outs. allows me to set reminders on vibration far in advance to keep me on track. I would be a mess without it, and it takes #1 for the sheer amount of productivity it has added to my life. Additionally, it’s free version is completely capable of solving 99% of my problems, and it’s paid version is a few dollars a month.

2.) 48 HOURS LOGO – 48 hour logo gets you a comprehensive amount of logos from artist all around the word for a very affordable price. When launching a new venture or project this is the first stop for me, even the website logo was made through 48 hours logo:

3.) EVERNOTE – Evernote keeps your notes with you no matter where you go, or what device you use. Many authors I know have written their books using Evernote and many business owners use it for staff policies and to-do lists ( is still better for to-do though!). Truly amazing.

4.) CONVERTKIT – Convert kit is the secret to email success for any small business or author. I was first pushed into it’s direction through my publisher, and now run all my automated emails and sequences  through it.

5.) CROWDFIRE – While technically a phone app, it’s something I use through the website as well as the app–which makes it double awesome. I credit most of my social media progress to crowdfire and think more and more people should use it. Especially for those looking to grow their twitter accounts–I was able to gain 10,000 followers with it’s help!

6.) MAIL CHIMP – Mail Chimp keeps your email lists easy to manage and even helps develop newsletters: the main thing it’s used for in our business. It’s simplicity and beautiful look is what keeps me going back to it over competitors.

7. ) UPWORK – Love, love, LOVE Upwork! First, I am a big fan of their CEO, Stephane Kasriel, but other than my man-crush, the website is great for anything you’ll need freelance work for. Business cards? A cool intro video/tune to your new YouTube channel? Voice over work? They have it all.

8.) HOOTSUITE – Ever wanted to just schedule out all your social media posts? Look no further! Hootsuite can do practically every social media account and is fast to learn yet able to handle complicated posts. I knock out most of my social media posts for the week all in one day using it!

9.) ASANA – asana is a workflow/project management tool that will come in handy for any project requiring three or more people. It’s VERY important to get everyone on the same page and asana makes that a breeze. While working on my book my publishing manager used a similar software that made the process and hand exchanges easy.

10.) GOOGLE DRIVE/DOCS– Similar to Evernote, is good ol’ google docs and drive. This is the platform I wrote my book on while deployed. It’s also where I keep most of my staff sheets (such as roles and responsibilities) and all my book freebies link back to google docs. Google excels through its ability to share with anyone using a gmail/google account–which is practically everyone.


Remember: know, and use these tools to gain whatever strategic advantage you can. The trenches are rough–and these tools can make what seems impossible just a little bit easier.


What about you? What links or tools do you use to survive at all costs? Leave your answer in the comments!

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