Voodoo Doll: How to Make Voodoo Dolls Find Customers For You

The East Martello Musuem holds a dark secret.

A secret with a name: Robert.

Robert was first owned by a young girl of Bahamian descent. The girl, a mistreated house maid, gave Robert as a gift to the Otto family’s son whom the doll is named after.

Before handing the doll over she performed a dark voodoo ritual, placing an evil spirit inside of the doll. The spirit allowed Robert to move, change facial expressions, and has even been heard making manic giggling sounds.

Robert is so legendary that he has inspired three horror movies that reveal his horrific deeds.



The young Bahamian girl was helpless in her position with the Otto family. But, she got something right–she created an effigy in order to give her problems an Avatar. This Avatar allowed her to get revenge on the Otto’s for years to come.

Where she used her voodoo for harm, we can use it for good. We can construct our own voodoo dolls to create a target audience.



  1. Robert the Doll

    DRESS IT UP – In a normal circumstance one would give their doll hair, and personal items from the targeted victim. Robert the doll wears young Otto’s navy uniform he had as a child. Your voodoo doll should wear the clothing and look like the target audience you are working to connect with.
    Are they mostly Men? Women? Children? The type to wear jeans or a suit to work? How old are they?
    The more you know, the better you can model your doll.

  2. GIVE IT TRAITS – Robert was vile, mean, and obnoxious. He was a source of chaos for the Otto family. Your voodoo doll should have traits as well: Does it drink coffee? Like to run? Spend time with it’s family? List out the places it likes to go and the things it likes/dislikes to do.
  3. INSERT PINS – Now that your doll is ready, it’s time to attack it. Use smart ads and target the weak parts of your doll. If it likes coffee, center your marketing efforts around coffee shops and create strategic relationships with businesses involved with the coffee industry. Make mugs, bookmarks, and baked goods–set up a booth outside your favorite coffee shop. If your doll wakes up early, make sure your ad campaign does too.


  • They give a good start on target marketing.
  • Voodoo dolls are easy, and free to make.
  • They keep marketing efforts and product/service development focused.


  1. Remember: this is a doll. The real version might look slightly (or completely) different. If efforts are not working, change some of your doll’s traits.
    Whatever you do, don’t fall in love with your doll.
  2. Progression is normal: Over time your doll should change naturally–as technology and fads do. Make sure your doll keeps up with them.
  3. Don’t give up: You might not ace it the first time. Lack of results ARE results. Use that information to make a better doll.

Your venture is not helpless. Maybe you can’t figure out the right audience for a new book, service, or idea. Voodoo dolls can solve that problem and help kick start a grand victory in marketing. As a word of caution: voodoo can be very dangerous in the right (or wrong) hands.

Also, if you get a chance–come visit me sometime in the East Martello Museum. I’ll be expecting you.

*Manic Giggling*


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